The club sponsors a full calendar of events suited to girder fork bikes. Some rides are divided into long and short runs or have alternative routes.  A support vehicle accompanies all VMCC rides to cater for breakdowns.

VMCC members also participate in Invitation Events sponsored by affiliated historic motorcycle clubs.  Some of these are included on this events calendar.

For 2022 there is a full calendar of events, hopefully something to suit everyone and all of your machines.  Please plan to join us on as many of these as you are able.

These events are planned as listed but of course may change depending on COVID-19 and other circumstances.  All of the rides start at 10am unless otherwise detailed.  Please keep an eye on VMCC group emails, the website and Facebook for further updates .


January Sun 9  – Vintage run, Douglas Park.   Sun 26 – Australia Day, various events.

February  Sun 6 – Veteran and Tiddlers run, Maraylia.

March Sun 13 – North West run, Richmond.  Sat Sun 19, 20 – Rudge Rally, Cootamundra.

April  Sun 9 – Sun 17 – Bathurst Easter Rally.  Fri – Sun 22, 24 – VMCC Veteran Rally, Cowra.


May  Sun 16 – Headlight Rally, Thirlmere.

June  Sun 13 – North Run, Cowan.

July  Sat Sun 3, 4 – Dungog.

August Sun 15 – Jack Borradale Run, The Oaks.   Sat Sun 28, 29 AMCA Bulli.

September  Sun 19 – Americana Run,

October   Sun 24th – North Run

November  Sun7 – Annual Rally, Orange.   Sun21 – Inspection Day, Silverwater.

December  Sat Sun 4, 5 Froudy’s Run, Goulburn.