Here is an outline of the resources VMCC members enjoy.

Club Journal - Drip feed

The Club's journal Drip Feed is posted free to members every 2nd month.

Drip Feed contains reports on recent events, articles and stories, news and details about coming events and free Wanted and For Sale ads.


The Club maintains an enviable library of manuals, books and magazines that has been accumulated since the Club's formation in 1955. From ABC to Zenith, the VMCC library contains many rare publications to assist the restorer and interest the enthusiast.

Due to the irreplaceable nature of many titles, the library does not offer publications for loan. Rather, members can arrange to visit the library in Sydney 's north-west (there is a photocopier on-site) or ask the librarian to copy their selected titles. A nominal fee is charged for photocopies.

Historic Vehicle Registration

Conditional historic vehicle (HV) registration (or 'Club plates') is available for Club members' motorcycles made up to 31 December 1947. Historic plates are issued by the RMS and entitle the owner to use their machine on authorised VMCC events and invitation events run by other historic motorcycle clubs. Occasional test runs are permissible within 10km of the garaging address.

Historic Vehicle registration is much cheaper than normal vehicle registration and reflects the limited vehicle usage allowed under the HV scheme.

As part of the HV registration process through the Department of Roads and Marine Services ( RTA), eligible machines are inspected for roadworthiness by a VMCC Machine Examiner or an Authorised Inspection Station.

Machines with existing HV registration are re-inspected annually, normally at the Club's Inspection Day and trophy presentation in early December, another key date on the VMCC events calendar.


The VMCC commissions the manufacture or buys quantities of a limited range of hard-to-get spares for veteran motorcycles. Current spares are:

* One 26 x 2 Ensign Tyre  - $175 members, $200 non members
*  Ten 26 x 2 1/2 Rims  - $45 members, $65 non members
*  Three Brake Rims 425mm  - $240 members, $260 non members
*  Three Brake Rims 380mm  - $240 members, $260 non members
*  Eighteen Veteran Mudguards  - $115 members, $135 non members


Members can purchase polo shirts, key rings and badges (including metal badges for bikes) featuring the Club's distinctive logo. Commemorative items are also produced for significant events such as the annual rally and milestones such as the VMCC's recent 50th anniversary.

Current specials are:

Polo Shirt with GFR Logo - $25

Tee Shirt with GFR Logo - $20

Machine badge - $20

Lapel badge - $4

Woven badge - $6

Blue polo shirt with VMCC logo - $10

Childs White T shirt with VMCC logo - $5

Other special offers appear in Drip Feed magazine.

Restoration Advice

The VMCC offers a wealth of experience on restoring and operating pre-1948 motorcycles. Whether you are looking for a part, or need advice on how to tackle a restoration challenge, helpful advice is at hand.

The Club also has a Restoration Officer who can guide you to the right place and the right people.